Grants Program

APEX Equity Partners

At the core of the AEP programme, we delight in youth-led startup businesses that are improving lives in the heart of their own communities. We eagerly look for these startups across the country to support them, based on our program strategies. Even so, we are committed to selecting only those startups who align with our values and mission, and who will leverage the greatest benefit from the funds we provide them.

How You Can Help

Your donation and inclusion will help us empower, support and improve lives of youths through business transformation.

Criteria Overview

At the core of the AEP model, we delight in youth-led startups that are improving lives in the heart of their own communities.

Core Values

Our values shape our vision, guide our decision making, and signal to the world what to expect from AUFD. They need to be best held as we serve.


Since we can only fund a small number of startups at the moment, we are much interested in groups that are impact focused and poverty alleviating.

The Exemption

We are not able to support a given kind of organizations such as groups that discriminate people on any basis, whatsoever the intent.

Is your organization interested in being considered for the next AEP Grants?